A quick update on my rust adventure

July 26, 2020

Back in August I wrote a post about building an interpreter in rust.

I ended it with:

I also might write a followup post, or two, if the rust affair becomes a longer running thing.

So now that it's been almost a year, I think it's time to stop and take a deep breath, to be honest with myself: Has rust become a longer running thing?

Fortunately the answer is: YES! The affair metaphor doesn't really fit anymore though; rust has instead become like a good friend that I visit every now and then.

I don't visit rust as often as I would like, but it's always a joy when I do.

Did I get anywhere then? also yes: I managed to get halfway through the book - 131 pages worth of GO manually translated into working rust.

It means that I now have a functioning parser, which in turn means that I can parse my code into meaningful AST.

I can:

  1. Type in code
  2. Type enter
  3. The code is turned into an AST which is then turned back into a string

And it truly feels like an achievement every time it happens!

parser in action

Check it all out here*

Here are some things I've learned during my time with my good friend rust:

I feel like I've learned many more things, that I could have added to the list, if I took more notes. I should probably start taking more notes.

Anyway; this was all I wanted to share this time. I hope to have the next rust post ready in less than a year!

* Though I must shamefully admit that I haven't yet managed to add a README to the project.